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How Do You Want Your Website Found? Ever Consider Link Building?

How long have you been looking all over the internet for an affordable link building guide? Well, you still haven’t found one, I’m afraid. But, don’t you fret. You have found some information on affordable link building.

Before you even think to look for affordable link building tips, or even link building companies to help you with some organic link building, you really should know what you are getting into, and what your options are.

Link building is a technique that is used in search engine optimization, and describes the actions that are aimed at increasing the number, and quality, of links that point to a particular page. There are six prominent types of link building that can be used during SEO work.

  1. Reciprocal Link
    • This type of link is mutual between two objects, usually websites, that promise mutual traffic to each other. An example: Site A having a link sending visitors to Site B, and Site B linking over to Site A. This i Continue reading…

How to Make Link Building More Efficient

As search engines crawl around the Internet looking for keyword results, they use links to go between pages. The more links to your page you have, the more accessible it becomes to search engines. This is why link building tools are so important for search engine optimization. But what if there was a program that could do it for you? Jeremy Benckin posits that, “If you’ve ever heard the phrase “build on your strengths,” the lesson for link building is this: that we need to automate as much of the routine, “robot work” as possible, and spend more time doing what we’re best at: being sentient human link builders.”

This is where automated link building comes in. Sure, it won’t take care of everything, but it’ll do a lot of the mechanical work involved for you. These include things like finding every link to a site, automatically searching through search engine result pages and connecting each result to external data, automatically searching for contact info on three different pages and s Continue reading…

The Colorful History of Professional Link Building

SEO is all about optimizing your website, but a significant amount of SEO actually occurs off your site, when other people voluntarily place a link to your website on their own. Enough of these “backlinks” can convince a search engine crawler that your site is relevant to a specific topic, and deserves to be highly ranked when a search is performed. But actually getting those links can be a delicate process.

In the early days of SEO, agencies told clients, “We can get your site to the number one search ranking in no time at all,” and most of the time they actually were able to do it. But only briefly, and in a manner that was in no way sustainable. The majority of these “black hat” professional link building companies were simply paying websites to place links. The search engines figured this out early on, and clamped down hard on anyone trying to buy their way to the top.

With the advent of social media, some professional link building companies turned to automated social bookmarkin Continue reading…

Social Bookmarking Is Not Just for the Kids Anymore Adults and Businesses Can Enjoy It Too

A social bookmarking website is one where you post all of the sites and recipes and pictures and craft ideas, or even celebrity quotes, that appeal to you. Chances are that you have been using at least one of these social bookmark sites for some time now, and have not even known the name of it. While there are dozens on the internet at the moment in various forms, the two most popular and well known would be Twitter and Pinterest.

Twitter is a little less obvious as one of these social bookmark lists, as it has less variety, but it is still considered as such. It makes sense when you think about what Twitter is on a basic level. You collect people to view their posts, or tweets, and have them all in one spot. And whom you follow can say a lot for your personality. For instance, does someone who follows Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus give you a certain impression in your mind versus someone who follows National Public Radio, President Obama, and Michael Pollan?

But Pint Continue reading…