What is the procedure a dentist uses to treat the cavity? This YouTube video “How do dentists fill a cavity?” explains everything in amazing details. Some patients may feel nervous the first time they go to a dentist’s office. They might wonder if filling a tooth cavity can hurt. The good news is that it’s safe. It can help relieve uncomfortable or painful sensations.
Things to Consider Before Getting the Cavity filled

There are five indicators that show a tooth is in need of filling. The first is pain. Food or drink consumption will increase the pain sensitivity. For instance, when drinking something very hot or cold. Additionally, eating something can result in pain or discomfort.

There’s another reason to be wary of bad breath. There are many reasons for bad breath. But a cavity might be one. Other obvious signs could be a damaged tooth, or a missing or partially missing filling. One last indication is perpetual toothache. The signs could appear each one at a time, or at the same at the same time. At first it may be uncomfortable and the pain isn’t necessarily severe. But, the discomfort will eventually get worse if the problem isn’t dealt with.