Your cell phone. If you don’t have the capabilities of communications tower services, a cell phone is often thought of as just a paperweight. Have you ever wondered whether your call can make the connection when you click the send button? The video below will provide you with the insider’s view of a secure cell tower, which will tell that you exactly how the system works.

This video demonstrates how you can tour a hidden cell tower within a high-pitched church. The cell site can be located in the New England village. It’s incredible to look at. To make sure transmission was secure that is reliable, the cell firm replaced the steeple at the church with a fiberglass version.

Have a look at the conduits that run through the attic of the church, before visiting the concrete building that is home to all the ground equipment needed to guarantee continuous connectivity. Next stop was Mt. Washington, NH was next to make a stop for a more detailed look at the main building located higher on the mountain.

If you’re looking to know more about cell towersand how they operate, and how they are in places you never would guess, this video is a essential watch.