Now that social bookmarks have become the preferred method of storing and organizing files for the typical internet user, social bookmark lists have grown in popularity, as well. Given the convenience and efficiency that social bookmarking offer to web users, it is difficult to imagine how we lived without them. Today, we can simply consult a social bookmark list and choose among hundreds of social bookmarking sites.

During the old days of the internet, the most popular form of bookmarks was found in the MS browser and was called “Favorites.” Actually, speaking of it in the past tense makes it sound as if “Favorites” is dead, but as we all know, it is still available and used by most computer users on a regular basis. While we might use it to remember certain websites, we no longer depend on it.

Obviously, the MS Favorites is pretty much obsolete at this point, considering the sheer number of free social bookmark lists that can be found quickly on the web. Back to the point, the inconvenience of the old style bookmarks is amusing simply for the fact that they could only be used from a specific computer. Fortunately, social bookmarking lists and site have made that inconvenience a thing of the past.

Although most people typically use one of the four or five most popular sites found on a social bookmark list. However, it can be quite rewarding to explore some of the less popular or unusual sites that one can find on social bookmark lists. Many times, those who take risks and check out a site that is unfamiliar, might end up finding his or her new favorite bookmarking site. This is actually one of the cool things about the internet; there are so many fresh, cool ideas and websites out there that it can seem overwhelming and exciting at the same time. And those who reap most of the rewards are those who are more adventurous and are not averse to trying something new.