It is easy to remove the handles from both the front and back of your doors using either a screwdriver or drill. After you’ve done that take them to the hardware shop and match your handles with new ones. After that, install the handles on both the edges of your doors.

Fixing Broken Window Screens

If one of your window screen has become damaged by wind or simply wear and tear over the course of time, the repair process could be just as easy as the others without hiring expensive professionals who will do precisely the same thing but they charge 3 times the amount.

The first step is to eliminate the screen that is damaged from the frame with a drill or screwdriver. The next step is to choose a mesh replacement that is compatible with your windows. Cut out the new mesh pieces with scissors, before applying a generous amount of contact adhesive where needed on both sides . Then, put them back on.

Repairing damaged window screens

Imagine that your screen is damaged by flooding, weather, water accumulation, and general wear over time. You don’t have to pay twice the price for similar tasks, but this work might be perfect for you.

All you have to complete is to take off each side of your current windows using either a drill or screwdriver. go to the hardware shop, and match them up with two screens and putting them on the opposite sides of the windows before tightening all screws again.

Fixing Loose Door Handles

Imagine that one of the handles at your doors are affected by excessive jostling. In that case, this function could musx8xapaa.