Every single one of them is reviewed.

One of the things that routinely need fixing or replacing when you reach 100,000 miles is the vehicle’s lights. To check if the lights still function the presenter advises checking every light fixture in the truck, outdoors and inside in order to identify which need to be replaced. Then, he’ll check the emergency brake to be sure it’s operating properly and still has pressure. He lifts the hood, and discusses the importance of checking the spark plugs along with that valve. These components are anticipated to need replacing after around 100,000 miles.

The other thing that you must look for under the hood is engine coolant. The expected lifespan is 150,000 miles, engine coolant is easily checked visually and tested with an instrument you could purchase at any auto parts shop. The next step is to check the clamps and coolant hoses.

The video will be informative for truck owners who want for ways to keep their vehicle in good condition.