The video walks through the basics of t-shirt printing. It can seem complex initially, but after you’ve mastered the process you’ll be able do it efficiently. First, you must always buy at thrift shops. It’s an ideal method to support others, as well as being less expensive. The plain shirts make a perfect choice. The clothes you buy from thrift stores should be washed and dried thoroughly. The transfer paper that you bought at Amazon specifies that the tshirts are to be washed again within 24 hours. Pick the best images first. You will need a printer and scissors, an iron, and your transfer paper. It is possible to print anything. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies sweatpants can all be printed on. Another option is cases for pillows. Be sure you are ironing on a hard surface like wood. If you’re interested to know how they came to their material, click here. can be found below their video. The design you choose to print should be simple to print once you choose it. The transfer paper should be placed face up in the printer. 491689qk7w.