You should be aware of the following points when you rent an event portajohn at your next event. The video below, “10 Proven Portable Toilet Rental Tips” offers some helpful tips and tricks for renting portajohns. You should ensure that the portable toilets you rent are operating properly.

Here’s a checklist of some points to think about when renting a rental:

The number of guests

When renting an porta-john for the next occasion among the important things you should keep in mind is the number of guests will attend the party. You want to make sure that you have sufficient facilities to cater for the guests.

Hand Washing Station or Sanitizer

The presence of a sink for hand washing or Sanitizer available on the premises will keep your event running without a hitch. So everyone can have an enjoyable time, and won’t bring any trouble.

Select a spot to place the toilets

It is crucial to think about where to put toilets for the public and how many people are expected to use the facilities. If you plan on hosting a large event with lots of guests, it is best to have bathrooms near the main road so that traffic can travel more conveniently. wk6774jzee.