In 2003, Delicious was the first website to coin the terms, “social bookmarking,” and “tagging.” Ever since Delicious made the term popular, thousands of websites have followed suit, and social networks such as Twitter have been made entirely around the idea of tagging. Companies looking to improve their search engine ranking and generate more leads often input their website links on a free social bookmarking list.

The internet abounds with free social bookmark lists. In fact, there are plenty of blogs dedicated solely to posting a new free social bookmarking list nearly every week. It is certainly not a challenge to find bookmarking directories for your company website, but what exactly is social bookmarking and how does it optimize your search engine ranking?

A free social bookmarking list contains all of the best bookmarking sites for you to submit your link to. When consumers use social bookmarking pages, they can organize and easily find all of their favorite links, as well as find new links to visit which pertain to their interests. This can generate new leads by putting your link in places where internet users are able to be shown your link, when they otherwise may not have ever seen it.

A free social bookmarking list can improve your SEO as well. One method of effective SEO is to have your website linked with as many high quality, reputable websites as possible. By contributing your link into a free social bookmarking list, you are automatically in connection with countless other websites. It is often recommended by online marketers that a company supplements their SEO reselling with this completely free, quick and easy way to gain publicity.