There are a lot of trends right now in social media, and many people are eager to hear what the next big thing will be. Right now, one platform type of rising popularity is social bookmarking sites. What is social bookmarking? Basically, they are sites where you can store, organize, and share various bookmarks. You can find these sites via free social bookmark lists.

What are the benefits of social bookmarking? When you only store bookmarks on your web browsers, it can be difficult to find the one you want. Not only are they sometimes located in a separate browser or work versus home computer, but you might accumulate so many bookmarks that it is actually difficult to look through them without a search function.

Social bookmarking sites, however, allow you to store them all in one place, and also encourage you to tag your bookmarks so that they are categorized for future use, as well as for sharing purposes. If you are fine with your link being public, then anyone looking under that tag will see it. The same advantage applies to you. If you are interested, for example, in finding articles, videos, images, and blog posts about mermaids, you would just need to go to the mermaid tag and see what hundreds of other users have posted.

Where can you go to find out which social bookmark site is right for you? There are many free social bookmark lists online. These free social bookmark lists will detail all the different top websites, what is unique to each site, and what the drawbacks are of different bookmarking websites. You can also use free social bookmarking lists to get an idea for what sort of content each site specializes in. Some social bookmarking sites, for example, focus heavily on image sharing links.