Actually, more than 70% of us is suffering from gingivitis. Gingivitis can be described as an irritation of the gums. There are two kinds of gum inflammation: plaque-induced as well as non-plaque-induced. They can be caused from poor oral hygiene or any other cause. This is an infection that can extend beyond the gums. The bone, which is the tooth, can get affected. There is a chance that you could lose your tooth. In order to prevent the gingivitis before it becoming more severe. The patient may experience an increase in redness, bleeding or tenderness within the gums. A dentist will take pictures of any patient that comes in to the office for a check for bacteria. Gum disease can be treated with proper oral hygiene as well as regular cleanings at your dentist. As far as home care is concerned, it’s important to remove the buildup of plaque between the teeth. Brushing throuhougly makes a huge improvement. Making sure to floss and use a water cleaning tool can be a big impact. It’s not that difficult to recognize the problem early. w9o7xtveax.