a normal part of our week. Garbage removal companies send trucks to remove garbage and recyclables every week. They work perfectly. But, it could lead to garbage that accumulates in huge bins for several weeks or even two each time. These can make cities miserable. The video below will demonstrate Amsterdam’s unique solution.

Amsterdam employs garbage chutes in order to take garbage from the ground, rather than putting it into garbage bins. It keeps the trash away from the reach of animals and keeps passersby from picking up the smell. Certain garbage bins are equipped with compactors to make storage more efficient. Some have sensors that let the trash removal companies be aware that the bins are filled. The entire system operates well. In the garbage trucks, there is an exclusive crane which can be employed to pull the canisters of garbage underneath. It is quite impressive to see. Is this system a viable option to bring to your city? It’s only time to find out.