How the graphics are displayed on a large truck or another vehicle of fleet, you might be surprised. The graphics are rarely painted. Vehicle fleet graphics are crafted in design software like InDesign and then formatted to fit printing on a wide-format computer printer, making them easy to cleanly and evenly applied to all of the vehicles that make up the fleet. The vinyl wrap decals are printed and added to vehicles using manual applications and ladders.

The graphics are not haphazardly placed. They have to go on to the vehicle within the tolerance of inches. In order to do this, measuring markers are used to ensure that the sheet is matched from between the prior sheet and the following sheet.

Graphic application professionals take some time matching each graphic with the following. It’s crucial for a seamless professional look to ensure that they are patient and ensure that each piece meets the next piece in perfect alignment.

The process of finishing the job involves making sure that each of the graphics is properly applied to every vehicle. A single bit of wrap that is missing means that the whole wrap could look wrong and amateur, so time is allotted to make sure that the job is finished in the exact manner.