The tension of the wind, hail, and even rain. While most of us can live with just one missing roof shingle, it is possible to replace them all yourself if you have more.

This video will explain the process of installing roof shingles. The professional installation of roofs is a great option if you are in a budget. You may be shocked when you learn just how cheap the cost of replacing your shingles is. Also, it’s important to remember that doing your own roof job can be risky. According to the roofer in this video, a third of construction fatalities are the result of falling from the roof.

To properly install shingles, you’ll require a variety of supplies. Nails, a hammer, shingles, and felt paper are just a few the tools required. With practice, the process of putting on shingles is made simpler, however it’s generally not worth the risk of trying to do the job yourself.

This video by This Old House provides more information about the installation of asphalt roofing. vbps61tqbz.