Groundwater can be used as a cooking or drinking water with no thought. In this short video, you will be taught about how groundwater may be affected by contamination. It is possible for your community to take an active role to clean up groundwater contamination. It will enable the cook to continue eating your food without difficulties.

When pollutants get absorbed into the soil in rainy seasons, they can get into the supply of your local community’s groundwater. If pollutants accumulate over time, seemingly harmless things like fertilizing your garden might pose a threat. Little problems can build to create a huge problem that isn’t apparent at first. If this happens, groundwater contamination remediation will be necessary to clean it up. Your community has the ability to take responsibility for what gets into groundwater, and prevent it from happening again. Thus, help spread the word to be active, take action, and have fun cooking with no worries. j7pfdmdi6c.