Safety features for your property are the first thing to consider. Eye and ear protection is extremely important. A good investment in ear and eye protection can protect your life. Additionally, having shoes with a solid sole on the toe can help keep your feet from being destroyed by feet. In this video, he is working with stumps of red oak. There are various methods to crush stumps. As contractor, you may make whatever amount you’d like for the removal of stumps. However you should remain consistent with the price you are charging. He charges $3 per inch. Depending on the contractor using you, this can vary. Also, it depends on what kind of machine is utilized. Your location will determine the price. When things are more affordable, for instance, in the midwestregion, it could be more affordable to eliminate the stump. It is different based the location you reside in. The research is essential to figure out the price of stump grinding at your location. For more information, watch this video. jvgx2wtup4.