She is showing customers an example of gold. Prices of jewelry vary. There are many factors that impact on what it is able to sell for. Its weight as well as the amount of diamonds and the number of karats of gold it contains. There are also differences with regards to the properties of different Cuban Bracelets. Links that are tighter make them more authentic. It’s easy to determine when a Cuban bracelet is a cult item due to its sound. The shorter one, but solid will be more expensive. Even though these bracelets might appear identical, they could be distinct in the price. Jewellery made from solid material will cost more. Customers jewelry may cost upwards of 5K. The most sought-after type of jewelry is solid gold. They begin with an appointment and needs to know the budget, when you need the item, as well as the idea you are trying to convey. Her custom jewelry designs are made specifically designed for companies. Following the initial consultation, pricing are set. Based on what they do they will offer you an estimated price. Check out the video for more. 8dgrxwkwge.