Girls Who Code is one kind of program that is designed to provide clubs and immersion programs for girls aged 3 to college. The program teaches girls all about the exciting world of computer science , and how they can become part of the exciting field of computer science themselves. 12. Plumbers, Electricians, and Other laborers. Not all of the top jobs for the coming years will require a 4-year undergraduate education. America offers a variety of skilled occupations and are in dire need of workers. According to the National Science Board, there is a projected 3.4 million skilled positions left unfilled in 2022. This kind of skilled work like technicians and plumbers, are in high need and have promising possibilities for career advancement. The best thing about skilled labor jobs is how quickly it is possible to enter the workforce. Some of these positions need an undergraduate degree, and often an associate degree in the field however, they don’t require a four-year degree from a university. If you’re seeking a job that allows workers to work in highly-demanded fields like electricians, plumbing and other skilled trades, then this could be the ideal job for you. 13. Dental Hygienists as well as Dentists. Like the medical profession, there are people who have to see a dentist, regardless of what the economy is performing. Since baby boomers continue to grow older, they’re going to require more dental attention. It’s the same of the younger generation that is health-conscious. It is expected that students earn an associate’s level degree in dental hygiene in order to begin a job as dental hygienist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the growth rate to be 11 percent annually in this important field over the next ten ye 6toja7maa8.