The clip goes on to describe the components of a semi-trailer and how they operate. A crucial component is a check-off sticker for the fuel. It’s essential to be aware when the expiration date has passed since the oil is such an important part of the trailer. A piece connects the trailer the actual truck. It is called a shaft and that is where the kingdom lock goes. 5th wheel can be found in the area. It’s covered the wheel when turning. The bulkhead of the trailer is where your airlines will hook up to. There is a place where you can find your service and emergency lines. Below, you will find the possibility of wiring electrically. They’re essential elements that ensure that everything stays in sync. The safety lock also ensures nothing comes unlatched. The tires should be at 100 psi. The pressure has to be kept by the trailer. There will be that there’s a red light when there’s an issue. This video will offer more details. adplngzgj7.