Social bookmarking sites will allow users to promote their website and blog. This is in fact one of the reasons why promoting sites, blogs and articles today with the use of social bookmark list is now considered one of the most effective online marketing strategies. For example, in a given social bookmarking site, if your website is on the first page, it means that you will definitely have a lot of visitors on from those sites. This is also the reason why social bookmark lists has become important for many websites and online marketers. With a good social bookmarking list, you can see where you the best social bookmarking sites to submit your website or content. Of course not all social bookmarking lists are the same when it comes to reliability. For example, there are free social bookmarking lists that are consistently reliable. So, to help you find a really good free social bookmark list, here are three things to look for in a bookmarking list.

First, you need to know that everything is constantly and rapidly changing when it comes to the internet. What is hot today may not be hot tomorrow. As such, the first thing to look for in free social bookmarking list is the update. This means how frequent is the free social bookmark list updated. If the free social bookmark list is not frequently updated or very seldom updated, then it means that you may be using a totally useless free social bookmark list because it is obsolete. You may then exert all your effort on bookmarking sites that are no longer hot among users. What you have to remember is getting your site listed on bookmarking sites takes a lot of time and effort unless you use software. You therefore need to find free social bookmark list that have famous bookmarking sites so that your efforts will pay off. In short, before you use the free social bookmark list, check out when it was last updated.

Second, it is best to find a free social bookmark list that offers more than just a description of the bookmarking sites. You want more important details, such as the number of unique visitors. This is very important so that you can decide if you want to submit to those sites. Conversely, you also would want to see the high PR or page rank of the sites. These two are practically the same but there are some lists that only offer the PR. Usually these are short lists. So if you want a very comprehensive list of bookmarking sites, you should find one that offers more than just the PR.

Lastly, you might want to check out the credibility of the site where you get the list. There many credible ones out there. Some blogs and forums also offer their own lists. All in all, evaluate the site which offers the free social bookmark lists before you rely on it.