Homestead Roofing recommends asking a roofer these questions.

First off, ask if they are insured, and also if they have evidence of insurance. Insurance not only shields you in case someone gets injured during the roof job, but it also shows the roofing company is committed to being in business for a long time.

Request the address of the office of. If there are any difficulties, top roofing contractors will possess offices built of bricks and mortar. Roofers with the best reputation earn enough to afford an office.

Another important thing to know is what their contractor’s license number. There are not many states that require roofers to be licensed. But if you do live in a place that has, this license number will prove useful. The license number is able to be double to be verified on the internet.

Find out if the roofer is required, and how much. Roofers shouldn’t ask for more than 30percent. In some states, there are regulations on what the minimum amount for a security deposit must be. So, be careful to search for them. 776mf5qslp.