to keep cooling and heating costs under control. It’s not difficult to figure out the process of weatherstripping a door and come across weather-stripping as a relatively quick and easy procedure. Make sure the space is prepared, make precise measurements, cut the weatherstripping and install it.
Screw cable brackets to the door to keep the weather-stripping fixed. Attach the top half of each hinge to the panel over it. Then, insert the wheeled axles into the side hinges and install the bottom and top axle supports. Then, you can install the track. Be sure all wheels are properly aligned inside the track. Connect the door cable to an upper bracket to the support panel to attach them to wall.

Horizontal and vertical tracks should be connected onto the door. After that, they should be bolted together. The spring anchors are connected to the springs, then secure each spring to the bracket that supports the header with spring locking cone. Connect the cable to the wheel for the pulley.