The hard food can harm the braces’ wires and could result in costly repair. Reduce the risk of this by cutting down on sweet foods, and sticking with more softer and digestible food.
Preventative Dental Care

Good nutrition is essential for preventing dental problems. Eating a balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains and protein sources that are lean will maintain your dental health. Furthermore, drinking plenty water throughout the day helps remove food and bacteria particles that may build up on the teeth and cause cavities. Alcoholic drinks that contain sugar, such as soda, juice from fruit and drinks with added sugar can lead to cavities and other problems.

Plaque and food buildup

An energizing diet rich in fruits and vegetables could lower the buildup of plaque on teeth. To prevent the bacteria that cause disease from entering your mouth through following a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. This will also aid in reducing dental issues like cavities as well as gum diseases.

Snack foods that contain sugar and processed foods are among the most frequently cited reasons for plaque. Sugar can cause plaque through feeding the bacteria that live in our mouths. When you stay clear of these sugary foods as well as implementing good oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing and flossing, you will reduce the risk of dental decay and treatment. The processed foods cause plaque buildup, as well. It includes cookies, chips crackers, candy and even chips.

Mouth pH Level

Healthy diet and proper nutrition will increase saliva production. This is crucial in keeping your mouth clean and well-maintained. The health of your teeth is directly affected by the pH level within your mouth. Diets that are low in acidity will help maintain the pH of your mouth to a good level. It will lower the chance of cavities and other issues like gingivitis. Healthy teeth can also be maintained by regular cleanings and appointments to the dentist.