Another reason to employ an engineer in septic is the excessive water levels in the table. There is not enough space to place the four-foot of sand underneath the drainfield when in such a scenario. This means they aren’t able to guarantee that the water will be completely free of contaminants before it gets to the destination. In addition, poor soil conditions are a factor. A poor soil and differences in elevation can cause issues. For example, the drain field may be situated a quarter of a mile distant from the septic system if there is a very large property.

The most frequent issue is first in which there’s not enough area in the ground enough to drain the water properly for the water to clean before returning to the surface of the water.

In the course of initial testing that the system needs to be elevated to address those mentioned above. At times, the system must be elevated an entire feet higher than it normally is. The system could then be observed to rise a bit out of the ground. l7g15o96wb.