As search engines crawl around the Internet looking for keyword results, they use links to go between pages. The more links to your page you have, the more accessible it becomes to search engines. This is why link building tools are so important for search engine optimization. But what if there was a program that could do it for you? Jeremy Benckin posits that, “If you’ve ever heard the phrase “build on your strengths,” the lesson for link building is this: that we need to automate as much of the routine, “robot work” as possible, and spend more time doing what we’re best at: being sentient human link builders.”

This is where automated link building comes in. Sure, it won’t take care of everything, but it’ll do a lot of the mechanical work involved for you. These include things like finding every link to a site, automatically searching through search engine result pages and connecting each result to external data, automatically searching for contact info on three different pages and scoring how closely they match a person’s name and automatically pre-populate data fields in CRM. However, automated link building tools can’t analyze a complex back-link profile to distinguish the spammy links from the quality ones. Nor can they incorporate a humorous email strategy to get people’s attention. These are things that only a person can do.

There are a few factors that establish the quality of a link that automated link building tools might not take into account. These include factors, according to Internet marketing group Wordstream, are the amount of trust and authority of the linking pages, the SEO and content optimization of the sites, the anchor text used in the incoming links, amongst others. These are things you’ll need to consider as the human element of complete link building.

Website link building is an important part of improving your search engine ranking. So why not use automated link building tools to do the routine work for you? These automated link building tools offer an affordable link building solution, and will increase your traffic. If you have any questions about automated link building tools, feel free to ask in the comments!