R is an essential maintenance chore that could improve the comfort of riding and make it easier to handle.

The job is easy to complete and will take only approximately 6 minutes. You will need to change your shocks using a couple sockets and a torque wrench. Although the procedure of changing the shocks could be difficult if your skills are not up-to-date, it’s possible to accomplish the task swiftly and easily with the appropriate equipment. Install the emergency brake and then park the car on the ground. Take the vehicle off the ground using an jack and then support it with jack stands. The wheel can be removed from the spot in which the shock absorber needs to be changed. Locate the bolt that holds it to the automobile and remove it. The original shock absorber must be removed when you remove the top bolt for mounting from it. When you are ready to put in the shock, reverse the steps. To install the shock on the opposite aspect of your car, do the same process. It is possible to test the shock replacement by returning the car to its original location and taking it for a drive. Always refer to your car’s instructions before doing any repair work. Also, wear the appropriate protective gear, including gloves and eyewear. k24plbiro1.