A social bookmarking website is one where you post all of the sites and recipes and pictures and craft ideas, or even celebrity quotes, that appeal to you. Chances are that you have been using at least one of these social bookmark sites for some time now, and have not even known the name of it. While there are dozens on the internet at the moment in various forms, the two most popular and well known would be Twitter and Pinterest.

Twitter is a little less obvious as one of these social bookmark lists, as it has less variety, but it is still considered as such. It makes sense when you think about what Twitter is on a basic level. You collect people to view their posts, or tweets, and have them all in one spot. And whom you follow can say a lot for your personality. For instance, does someone who follows Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus give you a certain impression in your mind versus someone who follows National Public Radio, President Obama, and Michael Pollan?

But Pinterest is the epitome of the link building sites. You post anything and everything that you want and organize them into specific categories. People can browse and share all of your posts, or just those of a certain themed board. They get to see some great ideas for recipes and crafts, and see how your brain works and what you find interesting. For instance, my wife has a bacon themed board all to itself. Right next to it is a healthy eating board. Yup.

Link building sites are the latest wave in the social bookmarking ocean. Yet, unlike so many other of the social media sites out there, those of the bookmarking variety seem to have some social benefits to them. Some great causes have been started and backed through Twitter. And Pinterest allows for those who feel uninspired or in need of ideas to go and see plenty of it there. These sites allow for more than a superficial connection with people on the internet, and can prove that social media does not have to be just posting embarrassing pictures online.