The steps to be taken must be in place to reduce the impact of this. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a type of pollutant that need to be treated with a thermal oxidizer before being released into the earth’s atmosphere. This video will clarify the meaning of a “thermal oxygenizer and the ways it could decrease industrial pollution.

A thermal oxidizer could be described as being a “burner in a box”. The thermal oxidizer is a place where VOCs may be burned. This can break down harmful substances into carbon dioxide. Businesses can easily implement VOCs in huge quantities and at various rates of flow with the oxidizer.

It is then heated to around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. VOCs are transported through the industrial plant’s ducts and then blown into the oxidizer by fans. Once the oxidized material has been converted to carbon dioxide or water, it’s released from a stack into the atmosphere. VOCs as high as 99 percent are eliminated.

To hold heat to evaporate VOCs, a heat exchanger could be used. The heat would then be transferred into the stack and the efficiency of the oxidizer’s heating is reduced. For more information take a look at the above video.